Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy:

At SheFit.in, we embrace our responsibility towards environmental sustainability. Our Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy outlines our commitment to minimizing the impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Product Design for Sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly materials and designs that reduce waste and promote recycling. Our products are crafted with longevity and recyclability in mind.

Collection and Recycling: We encourage product returns for proper recycling or disposal. Our partnership with authorized recyclers ensures that products are managed responsibly after use.

Educational Initiatives: We believe in raising awareness. Our EPR policy extends to educating customers about responsible consumption and disposal practices.

Continuous Improvement: We regularly assess and enhance our EPR initiatives to align with the latest environmental standards. Your support drives positive change.

Together, we contribute to a greener future.

Environmental Stewardship Team SheFit.in